Wednesday, February 25, 2009


John J. Voglio...
My grandpa! He's 81! and he just joined Twitter!
His reasoning? "because if I don't stay with the times, they'll pass me by!"

My grandpa was put in an orphanage with his sister when he was young because his parents couldn't afford having kids... I mean he was born in 1928.

Anyway all he wants to do is learn about new technology. In fact, I ate dinner over his house tonight and he said that he would like to live another 50 years because he is just dying to know what will be invented! We happened to be eating mashed potatoes at the time and he goes
"50 years ago, we didn't even have a potato peeler! All we had was a knife, an you peeled with a knife."
I think he may have exaggerated a bit but it was funny none the less...

Anyway. He rocks, I love him!

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  1. what a sweet post! i already like your grandpa a lot without actually meeting him :) lucky you :)