Monday, May 20, 2013

Paint Chips...

To create is something I've always known. My mom ensured me to be a crafty child, i grew up loving art and going to art school. Now i find myself with a lack of it. As I type, I am staring at paint chips on the wall of my bedroom that have been hanging for at least 8 months... my boyfriend hates them, I can't seem to make a decision. Bedroom color is a big deal.

I need to tap back into my creative being and do something. I think the biggest fear when creating something is that it won't be perfect. I guess people don't have that anxiety about creating children though so I should probably get over it and ready the brushes and rollers.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Fact. Old habits die hard.
Or do they ever die?
I spent 7 months awaiting the return of my boyfriend while he was out tootin around Afghanistan. Tooting is an understatement but to not think about what he was actually doing I stand by tootin.

Every Friday I would work managing the gym I work at and then go straight over to where I waitress until closing and clean up Then I would proceed home... always greeted with love from my faithful companion, would wash my face, hop in bed, turn on the 'ol laptop to Hulu or Netflix and watch crappy movies/tv shows until I drifted to sleep.

Well, here I lay it is exactly 7 months since his return. I had work and he had certain job related bonding/partying to do which honestly doesn't happen often and I don't have the energy to attend after a double duty work day. I returned home, was greeted by my faithful companion + another faithful companion, I washed my face, bed was hopped in and Hulu is streaming. Harry's Law. Honestly terrible show but if you refer 2 posts down I'm a serious sucker for bad tv. 

I can't believe I'm doing the same thing I did for 7 months. You would think that resorting to this wouldn't make me feel better but even one night alone sucks and I guess in this case reverting to old routines feels comfy and warm (a little smelly because the dogs need bathes)
I have a feeling this habit will fight until the death before it dies.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I actually jam to Nelly Furtado when running embarrassing, but true.

I absolutely refuse to say lost because I have misplaced keys to my car for 3 weeks and magically found them in my couch.

Oddly enough I have MISPLACED my beloved iPod somewhere between my place of work and my place of living, all within 3 miles of each other.

This leaves only 3 places it could be:
1. place of work
2. place of driving aka vehicle
3. place of living aka the couch i throw all my shit on, same one the keys got eaten by.

What is that like 3rd generation or something? The thought of purchasing a new one makes me itchy. Apparently they are touch screen, not ideal for working out... which is all i use it for. I'm not an all day music listener it just makes running that much less painful.

Please please please misplaced goods gods, PLEASE!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Ridiculously addicted to young adult dramas.
Current example:
Make it or Break it... 
I had to Google today when the 3rd season started because I can hardly stand it anymore!! My parents never put me in dance or gymnastics so to this day I am obsessed with both.  I also lack a bit of coordination. Sad story... thanks mom and dad.

What's not to love!? Girls who are actresses pretending to be world class athletes, grade A bitchiness, teammates sabotaging teammates, love triangles, sex, alcohol, eating disorders and possible paralysis!!!!!

Oh and nothing beats gymnastics hair! And gymnastics uniboob!

What really gets me about this show is the transition from actresses to stunt doubles. We all know these ladies are no Natalie Portman and this is not Black Swan so I must applaud ABC Families flawless transitions and the use of body doubles. A tip of my hat to you.

If you have not seen this show I suggest you catch up immedietly. Episodes are on ABC Family's website. NEW SEASON BEGINS MARCH 28... THAT'S MONDAY. 9PM SHARP
Here's to YA drama series! who's with me?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Surf City, NC not what it looks like right now
If that is a word, I'm using it. 

Growing up my family and I took 2 vacations a year. One camping in the Adirondacks, the other in Cape May, New Jersey. I dreamed of moving to Cape May in all it's Victorian glory where I would work at Zoe's sandwich shop right off the beach serving well deserved vacationers an Italian Combo.

I now realize living in a beach town in North Carolina, not nearly the Victorian paradise I had in mind, takes some getting used to.

1. Big business does not come to the beach. They call them little beach towns for a reason. Because things are little there. The grocery stores, the restaurants, the houses, and the jobs.

2. You HATE and LOVE the tourists all at the same time. They come in droves. They turn a 5 minute drive on a 2 lane road into a 45 minute wait on a sweltering hot day. And yet, they fuel the economy down here. As a part time waitress I bank on these people being drunk from both the sun and the wine I serve them. They overcrowd my little grocery store and at the same time it begins to stay opens 24/7 to accommodate the masses. There's no winning this one, you just deal and take a deep breath at the end of tourist season.

3. Patience. Not only is it the winter... but it's the Winter in the South,  everything is slower in the South and even slower in the Southern Winter. Time seems to stand still. The beach seems to be a ghost town and to my dismay that means my tips stand still too. So as the Winter wanes I stand by patiently for the tourists to crawl on in.

4. Last but not least... Perseverance. If you don't have the gut to wait it out down here and scrape pennies on the off season you should probably move.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Model Behavior...

This has to be genetics. There is no other way being this TINY is possible without a serious eating disorder.  I mean her legs are twigs. 12 foot long twigs.

The obvious stated. Gisele is a supermodel, she is paid thousands upon thousands for her thin frame and svelte physique. I don't know why this picture bothers me so much. Maybe because it is an un-photoshopped candid, which means in real life she is that little. It isn't any Kim Kardashian cellulite free  miracle. I'm a realist. A model is supposed to be a twig but this is serious. Gisele is leaning towards the end of her modeling days. There really isn't any doubt that she'll pull a Naomi Campbell and stay around until she's 90 but even Naomi keeps a little weight on. Girl, grab a burger... maybe 3.

After consulting wikipedia I now know Gisele is only 30 years old. I must feel like she's 45 possibly because she's has been modeling since the age of 14 but I think her lack of weight ages her. I'm not saying go the way of plus sized fabulousness but maybe aim to stay about 110 pounds?

Am I being oversensitive here?!

Monday, January 31, 2011

My Go To...

Dinner flavoring....

No, but seriously. Is there anything that doesn't taste better with garlic? I was taught from a young age that when in doubt, just add garlic to it. And not just a clove. I love those flakey white gift wrapped bulbs just begging to be smooshed, sliced, and diced. 

When a recipe recommends a dose of garlic, double it. Just standard cooking procedure. I want to smell it seeping through my pores and then and only then I will not add any more. Thank you jesus my boyfriend is also a fan, maybe not as much as I am but he never turns down a hot meal that he didn't have to make.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Awwww CRAP!

I have officially covered my car accident quota for 2011. WOOO glad to get that out fo the way s early in the year.

No, but really, who turns into oncoming traffic when they have a blinking yellow!? Me and the kids... i.e. the dogs were traveling home on Monday night and a man with a gas guzzling SUV decided it would be nice to ruin my night.

My pretty little car now needs a nose job and possibly some other fixes and will be out of commission for at least 2 weeks.

It has made me realize how nice everyone around me is! My neighbors have been kind enough to haul my booty to work the past 2 days. I send a 10 minute text warning paging my taxi. Its actually been kind of humorous. And all of my members express sincere relief after they hear the story. I love being surrounded by LOVE!

Monday, January 24, 2011


I see the textlationship as a plague sweeping the world one tiny cell phone at a time.

At first I thought it was just the younger generation. I worked with a few younger kids over the summer while waitressing but then I realized the textlationship has seeped deep into our nations core. 50 year old divorcees, 35 year olds lookin for love, 22/23 year olds trying to keep the flame going while throwing themselves into their first full time jobs.

Don't get me wrong. I love a text. "babe, grab some bread on the way home," "good morning," "miss you." It can definitely be useful but come on people! Full day text conversations?! What happens at night when you go to SPEAK to each other?! There's nothing left, no friendly banter, you've said it all already. What's the point of asking "so how was your day today?" if you know every teeny tiny detail via text down to "OMG the lady in the cubicle next to me just sneezed."

Plus! The textlationship has led to Sexting (Tiger Tiger Woods yalll), naughty picture messages (eh hemmm Brett Farve), and emoticons (  ;) <3 :) :* :P  ).

It's true. Your phone beeps, a quick thrill shoots through your body, its wild how a little sound can trigger such a response but what about a physical relationship? Once you actually have to see this person you've spent so much time typing words and actions yet now you must perform and speak... actual words, actual actions. It's like your fingers have produced some alter ego that you must now live up to. You have to be just as sweet, just as witty, and just as naughty... but in REAL LIFE! It's a lot to live up to without the delay of typing and thinking through what you're about to send out. THE PRESSURRREEEEE!!!

Viva la real life!
(as i sit here typing to my virtual world ;)  hahaha

Friday, January 21, 2011

Well Isn't That The Truth...


Neither of us can be romantic all the time, shit’s not real and wouldn’t last. As long as we remember that we still can be, there will be plenty of romance.
So this guy writes a note, rule, something something to his future wife once a day or so... First, that's a lot of prerequisite reading for this poor woman. Secondly, sometimes i like the stuff that the guy says. Not gonna lie. I'm not the most romantic person in the world, and as i sit at the feet of my slumbering passed out boyfriend I guess this guys right, you always have to be as long as the option is there.