Friday, May 22, 2009

The Many Adventures of Catie Voglio...

Ugh... I'm in another state again other than New York and it does not please me. Honestly, maybe I'm just a big snot but every time I leave the dear state of New York I only want to go back.

For various reasons since the end of April I have been to North Carolina, Missouri, and now Florida.... 

Granted most have been towns located around military bases which never promise much as far as content is concerned. What can be promised however are tattoo shops, strip clubs, and pawn shops... in no particular order of course.

So here I sit in another funky hotel bed dreaming of my big city. Tomorrow my neighbor who I spent 18 years living next to is taking the big plunge into marriage. CRAZY. SO CRAZY. I mean we had a long engagement from the ages of about 4-8 I would say but it was young love and sadly it faded. I can only support him in this new adventure. haha and enjoy the open bar!

Be back to NY first thing Monday morning and then it is full steam to my California move on June first. Getting real nervous!

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