Sunday, May 24, 2009


So the wedding is over. Done. The two love birds are now man and wife forever and ever.

I took this day in stride. 

I have a bit of wedding phobia. It isn't that I dislike weddings, it's just that I never want to have one. Everyone says my mind will change but the more weddings I go to the more I do not want one EVER. I'm so happy for my childhood friend, really, I am. But the thought of one person making me the happiest I can be forever is just too unrealistic for me. I love the thought of being with someone while they make me happy and then going our separate ways whenever that may be a year or 50 years doesn't matter.

Also, as many know I love being the center of attention. I've been asked if I was an only child many times in my life. But, being a bride is not my idea of a good time. Wayy too many people looking at everything head to toe. I'm the same way with getting presents, in theory it is fun, in reality it's just too much pressure!

So, to conquer my wedding phobia I hit up the bar and enjoyed a few drinks... And by a few I mean the bar tender knew exactly what I was coming for every time. At the end of the night he also asked for my number which ya know nice gesture I suppose, give it to him and he came out to a  bar with us afterward.  Nice local guy. Not into Florida enough to be into him. Oh well. hellooo hotel room complete with snoring "big sister" couldn't ask for much more.

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