Saturday, April 4, 2009


Friday night was way more fun than expected. 

I am at my parent's house upstate where I grew up and a Friday night is usually rough since all of my friends are away at school. I threw out a text, however, to the girl I have known the longest in this town. 

My friend Lara. 
Lara and I first met in Mrs. Kennedy's PM Kindergarten class at Little Brittain Elementary School. She wore her pants backwards and I had straight hair at the time, it was friendship at first sight. Her family owns a produce farm and I spent many summers sitting at the stand eating string beans and selling corn with her and her sister. Lara and I have remained friends to this day often losing touch but never hesitating to pick up exactly where we left off I think that the sign of a true friendship.

So, last night the two of us took the chance to catch up and as the Bud Lites went down we had a blast. Having a friend for 16 years is pretty tough. When I think about it I can't say that me and Lou have ever had a real friend fight mostly because I don't fight with my friends. 

So cheers to Lara. 16 years of good friendship!

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