Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekend wrap up...

And another one bites the dust!

lately the weeks have been flying by and I am LOVIN it! 

I finally heard from my brother who is in Missouri for Boot Camp. He graduated the first part of his training and he is really proud of himself. It's funny when you can hear it in someone's voice that they're glad they made the choice they made. Good old Tommy! Only a month until we fly out there to scoop him up and bring him home!

Saturday night was a blast! I went out with Lara and a girl named Lizzy. I feel like that could be a song... "A Girl Named Lizzy" anyway A good band called Junket was playing... basically the kings of covers in our town. I've come to the conclusion that that everyone loves a cover band! You don't have to learn any new words you just have to jam along. I love jammin on a Saturday night.

So that brings us to Sunday. I have been assigned to wash my dogs... not my favorite task, not theirs either. Its cold out which means I'm going to be cold for the rest of the day. The it's back to slamming my head in this computer and finishing my papers.

Needless to say. I had fun this weekend.

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