Friday, April 3, 2009


(Circa 9/15/01)

I was chatting with my best friend who I am moving in with once I move to California and this is what she says to me:

i bought myself pancakes

thought of you

Her boyfriend is a SEAL who is overseas right now... he will be coming back to a condo full of me and her... this is what he writes to me:

dear girlfriend number 2
so you love the unides huh, well thats good to know. im going to come home to a house fullll of undies, like ill get in and say, hey, where is the couch, and you two will say, oh its under some of the unides and ill say, what, under which undies, the whole house is under unides. okay, thats rediculous. hurry up and get to the house and we all three can have video chats.

I love them both to death and can't wait to get out there! Only 55 more days until I leave!

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