Thursday, April 2, 2009


Everyone that knows me knows that I have embraced Twitter with open arms! I mean i really love it. I think it's an amazing tool if you put some effort into it. If you think about it you can reach so many people in so little time with only 140 characters. Pure genius!

So I have officially decided to start a Purchase College Tweetup. 

I have yet to embrace my school probably due to 2 major causes:
A. I transfered in last January as a Junior and a half. 
B. I am a commuter who lives half an hour from the school.
Both of these circumstances make it rough to make friends and continue a relationship with any of them!

So, I will embrace my fellow Collegiates who are my fellow tweeters and organize a tweetup.
Definition as follows courtesy of A group of friends on Twitter (social network) that are planning to meet up. A request by a user to meet with friends via Twitter.

What a grand opportunity to finally put some faces to Twitter identities. I'm really excited to meet some new kids that I probably know a ton about via Twitter but don't even know what they look like! Kinda weird how you could know people but not really know them, ya know? So here's the scoop!
being held at the Purchase College Starbucks located in Fort Awesome
Wednesday April 8th
stay tuned for more details!

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