Thursday, February 19, 2009

On the Sched/Day End Wrap Up...

What am I the biggest slacker in the world. Well, I mean, I was a little busy today... I SWEAR!

So I paid the rest of my credit card bill and officially LOVE direct deposit! ugh it feels so good to not have any money hanging in limbo. What doesn't feel too great however is not having any money hanging in my checking account! I'll be eating bread and butter for the next 2 weeks!

I also did a ton of running driving around gathering silent auction items for the Neuberger Museum of Art. It's nice though because despite the poor economic climate people really are being generous... I mean it's great exposure, you may as well right?

Classes were classes tonight. Love Viral Marketing. Everyone gets real rowdy and into it... Twitter rules out classes and I love seeing what everyone else in the class is twittering about while we are attemping to absorb anything being said. Not that we don't care. No biggie though this generation is made to multi-task. I mean we're basically manufactured to at this point. Anyway I love Twitter and I suggest everyone join. NOW. and follow me! catiev123 :)

Over and OUT!

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