Monday, January 24, 2011


I see the textlationship as a plague sweeping the world one tiny cell phone at a time.

At first I thought it was just the younger generation. I worked with a few younger kids over the summer while waitressing but then I realized the textlationship has seeped deep into our nations core. 50 year old divorcees, 35 year olds lookin for love, 22/23 year olds trying to keep the flame going while throwing themselves into their first full time jobs.

Don't get me wrong. I love a text. "babe, grab some bread on the way home," "good morning," "miss you." It can definitely be useful but come on people! Full day text conversations?! What happens at night when you go to SPEAK to each other?! There's nothing left, no friendly banter, you've said it all already. What's the point of asking "so how was your day today?" if you know every teeny tiny detail via text down to "OMG the lady in the cubicle next to me just sneezed."

Plus! The textlationship has led to Sexting (Tiger Tiger Woods yalll), naughty picture messages (eh hemmm Brett Farve), and emoticons (  ;) <3 :) :* :P  ).

It's true. Your phone beeps, a quick thrill shoots through your body, its wild how a little sound can trigger such a response but what about a physical relationship? Once you actually have to see this person you've spent so much time typing words and actions yet now you must perform and speak... actual words, actual actions. It's like your fingers have produced some alter ego that you must now live up to. You have to be just as sweet, just as witty, and just as naughty... but in REAL LIFE! It's a lot to live up to without the delay of typing and thinking through what you're about to send out. THE PRESSURRREEEEE!!!

Viva la real life!
(as i sit here typing to my virtual world ;)  hahaha

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  1. This might be just me, but my boyfriend (whom I live with) NEVER texts me. Nor does he respond to my texts. And this INFURIATES me.

    I would love, love, just once in a while, to know that he is thinking of me during the day. But it doesn't happen.

    So...I guess what I'm saying is, there's got to be a happy medium somewhere. Not all the time, but not never, either.