Thursday, March 10, 2011


Ridiculously addicted to young adult dramas.
Current example:
Make it or Break it... 
I had to Google today when the 3rd season started because I can hardly stand it anymore!! My parents never put me in dance or gymnastics so to this day I am obsessed with both.  I also lack a bit of coordination. Sad story... thanks mom and dad.

What's not to love!? Girls who are actresses pretending to be world class athletes, grade A bitchiness, teammates sabotaging teammates, love triangles, sex, alcohol, eating disorders and possible paralysis!!!!!

Oh and nothing beats gymnastics hair! And gymnastics uniboob!

What really gets me about this show is the transition from actresses to stunt doubles. We all know these ladies are no Natalie Portman and this is not Black Swan so I must applaud ABC Families flawless transitions and the use of body doubles. A tip of my hat to you.

If you have not seen this show I suggest you catch up immedietly. Episodes are on ABC Family's website. NEW SEASON BEGINS MARCH 28... THAT'S MONDAY. 9PM SHARP
Here's to YA drama series! who's with me?

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