Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I actually jam to Nelly Furtado when running embarrassing, but true.

I absolutely refuse to say lost because I have misplaced keys to my car for 3 weeks and magically found them in my couch.

Oddly enough I have MISPLACED my beloved iPod somewhere between my place of work and my place of living, all within 3 miles of each other.

This leaves only 3 places it could be:
1. place of work
2. place of driving aka vehicle
3. place of living aka the couch i throw all my shit on, same one the keys got eaten by.

What is that like 3rd generation or something? The thought of purchasing a new one makes me itchy. Apparently they are touch screen, not ideal for working out... which is all i use it for. I'm not an all day music listener it just makes running that much less painful.

Please please please misplaced goods gods, PLEASE!!!

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