Thursday, July 23, 2009


the bridge that separates me from the real world

My most sincere apologies for the lack of activity and attention to my poor little blog.
I'm half way through my California summer and man have I been California dreamin'.

After my arrival on June 1st and a few weeks of looking for jobs I came to the conclusion that I could last until mid September without having one. (thank you for all those who gave me money as a college graduation gift) Learning to unlearn my New York tendencies to always be on the go has been hard but now I have become accustomed to sleeping past 9 and relaxing all day. I feel it was much needed and much deserved.

HOWEVER. The findings of this California experiment have come to a very precise conclusion. I belong on the East Coast. Although I do not disagree that 80 degrees and sunny every single day is an amazing thing however I miss my thunderstorms and oddly enough it being so hot outside you can barely breathe. Also, there has been a series of tragic events in this state which include but are not limited to:
  • my computer dying (God bless that little Mac it lasted 5 strong years with me)
  • getting stung by a sting ray
  • dropping my phone in a bucket of water
SO! Back to New York I go sometime around mid September. Until then I will continue to enjoy living on a beautiful island (Coronado) with nice enough people in a cute little townhouse with my best friend. I will post up the fun shtuff we do and things I've grown to really like out here.

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  1. I cannot believe you Catie, you are living the life I could only dream of, and you are coming back to NEW FRICKIN YORK! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU CHILD!