Saturday, March 28, 2009

Service with a Smile...

So I need money. BAD. Lots of things are racking up really fast and in order to stay a float I take catering jobs from time to time to make ands meet.

Tonight I had a job at the Bruce Museum in Greenwich, CT. Greenwich is known for its wealthy residents and I think a whole handful were there tonight for an opening of painting of boats. DUH the wealthy love to sail! 

Anyway I am used to being at the Neuberger not serving but socializing with a like group of people. Tonight I was back to being on the bottom of the food chain. Was not lovin it I'll be honest. I think the kicker was when I asked a man who looked to be about 70 is he would like to try a mini sweet potato pancake and he replied "No, but you should come back, you're cute." come on really? Do you need to hit on the wait staff? the whole thing is kind of frustrating but needless to say I will be catering two more parties tomorrow.

So much for my weekend ladies and gentlemen. psh.


  1. That is hilarious! I live in Greenwich and I like to sail, albeit on other people's boats. I will tell my sailing friends about this.

  2. Boy Cate, You do not know how correct you are about those Greenwhich people!! Luff ya. D