Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Funny Day

A few funny things happened to me today.

I was shushed.
nothing infuriates me more than being shushed. I was in a public place (NMA) and there was a bit of a tour going on, I was having a nice little convo off to the side with a friend making sure to keep the tone down in respect of  the tour. So this lovely old woman turns around, puts her finger to her mouth, and shushes me. Couldn't believe it. Needless to say I did not break thought and continued to chit chat at the same quiet level.

I had someone buy me soup.
But I didn't ask them to. I stick to a very strict routine. After my first class I grab a quick dinner at one of Purchase College's lovely eateries and then go to my second class. However one of the kids I sit next to in class, who I have said mmm, 3 sentences to... asked me where I was going, I politely answered and he says "oh, I'll go with you!" Fine, no prob I'm down to meet new people... sometimes. I kept up a witty banter but when we go on the line to pay... he was like oh, I've got this for you. I'm funny about people paying for things. I like to buy my own things. That way I don't feel obligated to you at all. So now I'm a little thrown off.. My banter continues at the table but the questions are getting pretty deep considering the 2 minute relationship we have had. Thank goodness I had to leave for class and I'm not sure how I will feel if this becomes a routine...

3 words...
Talk. Show. Host. 
It has to happen. I have announced to a few really cool people in my class about my professional aspirations. They were thrilled by this and want me to start right away. Too bad I lack a sweet set but I have a feeling I can make something happen. So after class a small group plus my professor discussed pressing matters such as the Big Love finale and how everyone loves Justin Timberlake and how my professor is convinced I'm manic I just never hit the low. I take that as a serious compliment and achievement. It was also brought up that I look Irish. I had to correct this statement since I happen to be 0% Irish, I'm just really pale. In the summer I'm told I could look like a Puerto Rican. I guess my ethnicity is seasonal. 

I would just like to say.
New York, I LOVE YOU, really! I do!
But you're really and truly bringing me down!
Enough of your 40 degree days and every weather condition other than sun please give me something to work with here!


  1. Ugh, being shushed is horrible. I feel like it is a really immature way of dealing with the situation as well. They should at least be able to verbalize their problem. Don't make noise at people.

    Also, I am trying that toothpaste tip you left in my comment section. I will let you know how it goes :)

  2. Check out LCD Soundsystem's- New York I love you! :) They sing about how much they love New York but how much it's bringing them down. Had to think about this when reading your last comment!