Friday, March 20, 2009

On The Sched...

A day of maintenance! Because it is the first day of Spring you know!

So the day started out nice with some pancakes mmm even made some for my friend because he was hung  over and they usually help me when I'm hung over. Generally dry. No butter, no syrup. DRY.

Then we took a trip to the car wash since a flock of birds decided to relieve themselves on my hood. So now my car is nice and shiny shiny! Nothing better than a clean car!

From there we decided to dream big and visit a Chevy dealership to look at brand new Corvettes. Ya know cause they're pretty! Problem however, 2 of the 3 dealerships we visited day have closed as well as a Ford dealership. And these were no small establishments! These are large dealers in Orange County, New York. Just a sign of the time I guess. Finally we found the Corvette. Not the one he was looking for but it was still pretty. As my reward we stopped at my favorite coffee shop and I grabbed a soy latte. It was pure heaven. mmmmm

Now I shall go make the inside of my car match the outside. Gotta get those windows and stuff clean! thank goodness the sun is out! 

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