Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I had a dicussion with a friend about Peanut Butter and Jelly last night and woke up craving it!

So, before work I stopped at the grocery store and invested in some Creamy Skippy, some Welch's Concord Grape Jelly, and some nice Dark Pumpernickle bread.

I got into work and went straight to making my beautiful sandwich. Of course, since this was my breakfast I popped it in the toaster over so that it was nice and warm and gooey. mmmm delicious!

I probably ate PB&J almost every day of my life growing up. I never bought school lunches. My mom was nice enough to pack me a well balanced meal with the main course being PB&J. I will forever have love for PB&J, King of American lunch royalty!


  1. You have good taste in peanut butter and jelly products. Those are my brands of choice as well!

  2. PB & J your entire life, wow, that's strange. Next you'll tell us that you put peanut butter on pancakes.

  3. Not just PB on pancakes but PB AND JELLY!
    Or just jelly. Tried that once as a last resort after we ran out of syrup and was hooked! Raspberry is the best but strawberry is good too.
    I am kind of a pancake junky ... I sometimes even make sandwiches w/ it!
    Speaking of pancakes have you guys seen the CANS? Called Batter Blaster, organic and in a CAN. Yeah, I know. But when I'm in a hurry - yes, you better believe it I am gonna try it!!!