Saturday, February 14, 2009


Ehh whatever.

Does anyone really have a good Valentine's Day? 

Even when I had a Valentine I can't remember a smashing day. It's just a joke that makes your tummy hurt:
a.) from eating too much food at the romantic dinner you're taken to OR
b.) from eating too many sweets either given to you by the said Valentine or bought on                     your own to drown your sorrows

I didn't get any conversation hearts this year which I kind of missed but maybe I'll go to CVS the day after and get the goodies for 1/2 off. And I must say instead of being bitter about the whole thing, good for the people who are going out tonight for a nice dinner and get that box of chocolates! Maybe they deserve it! So congrats on finding a nice compadre to share it with : )


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  2. ☆★ -_- Glad you had fun, I had a miserable time!!!!!!!!!!! Jk! I had a good time lol. It was an average night. Blah. lol ★☆