Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ok winter... I've had enough.

Hello Mother Nature, it's me, Catie.

So I know it's only the first week of February but the snow needs to go. In December the flakes make me feel like a little kid. But now... they just bring me misery! The ground is too wet for me to play in and only causes black ice. Traveling around Purchase College there are puddles bigger than Lake Michigan that become hidden by the snow. Nothing is worse than the bottoms of your pants getting soaked and not drying for the entire day at work...
So, Mother Nature, if you could... ease up on New York.

With lots of love,


On today's schedule:
  • Waking up too early (8)
  • Workin at the Neu 10-5 (left early due to bad weather, didn't really feel like crashing my car today)
  • Battling traffic down the Hutch
  • Chinese for dinner... (still no kitchen)
  • Working on senior project/every other class I'm in
Looking forward to having tomorrow off : )

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