Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mission Accomplished...

Success! Dress was found for my Aunt after a complete day (9:30-4) of shopping. It's always fun for the first 2 hours... but once my blood sugar drops i fall into the dreaded shopping coma and lose all momentum, in which it is time for lunch. Food really is a beautiful thing.

Upon conquering my first mission I returned back to my condo grabbed the keys and headed back up to Purchase. Into the Neuberger I went for a nice little "mixer". For the group who attended this little soirĂ©e we were informed of the many accomplishments and improvements made to the Arts Management program. It was pretty exciting to see that a few students complaining by way of town hall meeting can put into motion big changes. It almost made me sorry I was graduating in May and won't be around to see what I think will be real improvements to the program... sad story. 

And for the rest of my evening I plan on taking it easy and enjoying some King of the Hill and Chelsea Lately...

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