Monday, February 16, 2009

Day End Wrap Up...

Womp Womp Womp...
Another day turns to another night.

Classes were interesting today... I love when I learn. I think it's such a satisfying feeling and secretly I will really miss school once I graduate. Not like I'll never learn a thing again but there's just this feeling of leaving a class and knowing something new that I really LOVE. I don't feel attached to any of the three college's I've attended but I feel attached to the knowledge gained at all of them. Just because I've learned 3 really different sets of knowledge... if that makes sense!?

Glad I ran again today. It clears my life haha hopefully I'll drag myself out of bed tomorrow and go for another little one before work... ohhhh work I have a feeling it'll be busy tomorow for some reason. Which, makes the day go quicker so bring it on!!!

so in the words of a wise Tiger... "TTFN, Ta Ta For Now."

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