Monday, February 23, 2009


Many a time have I contemplated the necessity of it. I mean I LOVE learning! Like, learning's #1 fan is sitting right here! BUT!

Sometimes I wonder if on my way to getting int the real world is it worth of going to college? I look at the past 4 years and really wonder how much of what I have taken in can I actually apply to my real life.

It was fun and all learning about Greek and Roman History, and where Tanzania is on a map but when it comes down to it... that helps me not in a job.I can honestly say that I have learned more applicable information waitressing from the age of 15-20 at a 10 table dining room pizzeria than in some of my college classes. I have come to the conclusion that college doesn't actually prepare you for the real world. Thank goodness I have worked in multipule places and gathered real world skills such as:
  • how to meet board members
  • how to prove yourself to your boss
  • How to really meet a deadline
  • Not asking a thousand questions and figuring out the task on your own

It's all fine and well reading a book but, when are you going to be reading a book in the office... I mean, unless you're in publishing or something.

Maybe someone should start a class called Real World Office Skills or Conference Calls 101? I don't know I just feel that I could have probably graduated last year or maybe even the year before that and been ok.

But then again... maybe I'm just burnt out of the whole process...


  1. working always offers more 'real world' experience. the "great" thing about being in school is it allows time to experiment and make mistakes. supposedly. i much prefer working to school, but i figure when i get heavy into work, I'll enjoy some of the creative freedom I have now to make mistakes and figure things out.

  2. yeah, thats what i thought my freshman year too ;)