Friday, January 21, 2011


According to Wikipedia hibernation is defined as: a state of inactivity and metabolic depression in animals, characterized by lower body temperature, slower breathing, and lower metabolic rate. Hibernating animals conserve food, especially during winter when food supplies are limited.

Damn me and my NY state of mind (which sometimes is hard to shake even though I've been down south for a year and a half now) because this is what I would do from December-April until the snow would start to melt and the sun would reappear again just as all hope was lost! Well, down here it's 55 degrees out in the middle of January! JANUARY! No winter coat required.

And yet, all I want is soup, mac n cheese, high calorie comfort foods. MMMMMMM I'm cold and warm hot bowls of pasta warm my insides! Plus, it still gets pretty cold at night, my electric bill last month was TWICE what it normally is and the thermostat just got bumped down to 65 degrees. It never hurt anyone to wear a couple pairs of socks and a hoodie to bed did it?

I hope this extreme lethargic state subsides soon because my ass is growing at an exponential rate. I fear that once Spring has sprung the damage may be irreversible!

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