Tuesday, May 5, 2009



Classes are done, I am graduating college, AND TOMMY IS COMING HOME!

I'm going to retrieve my little brother! The child (when I say child I mean the almost 20 year old) has been gone since January 21st at boot camp and job training in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri for the Army Reserves. 

This is the longest time I've been away from him and it has definitely sucked. Not only because I've missed the little (and by little I mean he towers over me and is much larger) guy but because my parents treated me like their only child. Never would I wish to be an only  child! You're the only one they can complain to! I never considered this but it is definitely true.

So tomorrow I head out with my mom, dad and Tommy's girlfriend. We're all super excited and can not wait. Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri huh? wonder what I'll find out there!

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  1. CATIEEEEEEE -- Can't find your final. Contact me or Annmarie!