Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hair Today...

No one understands how much I love getting my hair done. 

It is my one guilty pleasure that happens to be costly yet I find it to be money well spent. I no longer indulge in clothing or shoes because I simply have too many bills. I have actually cut down on the number of times I see the hair stylist. It used to be every 6 weeks. Maybe this is some kind of condition?

This time I lasted 3 months! I couldn't believe it when she told me and I assured her it would not happen again. 

Today I thought was a simple request... "a few shades lighter please this dark brown hair and pasty white skin makes me feel like I belong in the new Twilight Movie" no problem!

Appointment was at 3.
Well, after my hair color was lifted, rinsed, filled, rinsed, roots were lifted, color was applied, rinsed, trim, and blow dry it was 8 o'clock!

The thing is I didn't care! I find the salon to be the perfect mixture of pampering, chatter, down time, and magazine reading!

The FINAL product-
A really cool color that probably can't be described as light brown but I don't know... maybe it can. It doesn't matter I love the result and money well spent!

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  1. Well, I wouldn't say that I love getting my hair DONE, per se. But I DO love being at the salon and having one of my "girlfriends" play with my hair for 20 or 30 mins.
    I realize that's not something a female could directly relate to, but it's the closest thing that I can relate to the woman's experience of the salon.
    ~Toddy J~