Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day End Wrap Up...

A productive day to say the least.

Thank god it was about 60 out and sunny and it made me almost like living in New York again. For the short time I was out of the condo the sun felt so good. Did the grocery shopping. Stopped over to see my best friend at this liquor store, he treated me to lunch which consisted of a very large burrito. mmm i ate the whole thing and then was soo full i couldn't even eat dinner!

Then I headed back to the condo to finish up my work. Got my internet and business mid term done.. more or less... some thing I just don't understand and probably never will... pitty.

that basically devoured the rest of my beautiful day. Totally disappointing but I still can;t run because my asthma is being a bitch. Damn lungs. ugh. 

So at this point in the day my brain feels like mush from all the number brunching and writing I did this morning

1 comment:

  1. I love the expression "brain to mush"! But brain-mushing wasn't my intention. At least the midterm is over.