Friday, February 6, 2009

Under Construction...

My Aunt and Uncle have made the decision to begin remodeling their condo after owning it for 3 years and being true Manhattanites renting apartments their entire life. 

They began as soon as I moved in redoing the floors in my room and their room which was really nice because my room is beautiful and so is theirs? 

Then they moved to the 2 bathrooms even allowing me to design mine which I did a kick ass job on is you ask me! 

NOW. The kitchen. Our over broke i think sometime in August which has prohibited me from baking which happens to be a true passion of mine. It also reduces you to stove top cooking which isn't always the most fun. Finally the renovation began about 3 weeks ago. HELLL. I just want a home cooked meal and find myself actually wanting to travel back upstate to my parents house where my mom always makes a good meal.
The contractor and his right hand man Gallo come every day at 9, let themselves in... its pretty much like they're part of the place... they even walk Mugzy for me. haha Needless to say it is never quiet here during the day. Today they are laying the tile floor and the sweet sound of the wet saw resonates through the air. I just can't wait until it's all over...

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