Friday, February 6, 2009

On the Sched...

Friday morning is always the same. 

My Aunt has two cleaning girls come to clean our condo. To be honest i think they're just fabulous but I have to clean my room before they can... otherwise I have no idea where anything goes and it is definitely not their job to be picking up my dirty clothes... HOWEVER! they make me bed so nice... I try and try and ca never get
 it back to the way they make it.

Another friday ritual, going grocery shopping... This is how I earn my keep here. I have such a planned route its ridiculous haha. The ladies at the grocery store know me as do all the men at the butcher. I actually love this part of my life.

Also, I have my second job today. Catering which I happen to love and have missed being a little waitress. I have a really good time and glad that I'm going tonight to help out.
Had to drive my Aunt to the bus this morning because she was running late and has no car. It is officially reading 20 degrees out. What a bummer, at least my car is warmed up for when I need to use it though.

And for My official schedule today:
  • Clean my room for the cleaning ladies
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Help my neighbor Ray fix his computer
  • Catering with Andy Burke Catering at the Bruce Museum tonight
  • Hopefully going over to my friend's Liquor Store at the corner of Bruckner and Castle Hill in the Bronx to say Hello.
So that seems to be the plan... 

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