Wednesday, February 18, 2009


It's just one of those days where the clock stands still, the minutes go nowhere and even though I have nothing better to do and nowhere better to be than here...I would rather be anywhere else other than this place.

I think tonight is a movie night. Into the Wild may be the film of choice. The first time I watched it was after my brother left for boot camp because I know it is one of his favorite movies and I was curious why, plus i missed him a lot. Now this will be the 4th time watching it in a month and I can not get enough.
There's just something about the whole leaving everything behind and doing what you need to do that is so motivating. Plus the whole idea of meeting people along the way... I love doing that. Nothing better than making a new friend. Oh and I love how Eddie Vedder did the soundtrack!
I need to buy the book and read it ASAP.

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