Friday, February 20, 2009

Dinner and a Movie...

What I nice time I just had...

My brother's girlfriend is so nice and one of the cutest little girls everr.

Had really good food as usual at Cosimos! We started off with some...
  • fried calamari, 
  • I had spicy fussili and 
  • Caity (oh did I mention her name is Caity too, be spell it different-- see!-- Catie/Caity) had some ravioli. DELISH! 
Then at the movies we had a great crowd in with us which made every joke funnier. You know when everyone repeats what the actor/actress just said? I like when I'm in theaters like that. To be honest I don't go to the movies often because I fall asleep in them! haha that's right. I'm an old woman... Whatareyagonnado!

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