Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day End Wrap Up...

I must say it was nice getting into work early today. 6 oclock wake up, in at the Neuberger by 8:30, it was rough but once you get rolling, its not that bad!

Scooted out around 4:30 and headed upstate. WOOF glad i don't have to do that drive every day. The Tappan Zee Bridge is a nightmare! Really, who makes a 3.3 miles long bridge?!

Mom made a good dinner tonight. Whole wheat pasta, fresh tomatoes, garlic, I don't know. Anything at this point that is homemade is good in my book.

Now I am contemplating going out with muh best friend OZZY... prob won't happen. Hey, you never know though... so for now I'm going to say, over and out!

oh, and get it, moon pie, not a moon tonight for the wrap up ;)

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